QUAKING ASPEN leafed out about a week ago — gentle green. TENT CATERPILLARS just beginning — little tiny tents and quarter- to half-inch caterpillars. A RED TRILLIUM in bloom at the top of the Brook Trail. FERNS unrolling — INTERRUPTED, I think, in the sugarbush and along the road. MARSH MARIGOLDS in bloom. Saw a CHIPMUNK hanging around the feeder about a week ago.

When I arrived at the beaver pond this evening,  there was a big BEAVER eating the bark off a stick — audibly. Eyes so small, nose so big, it’s absolutely indifferent to my presence. It’s eating the bark like someone eating corn-on-the-cob compulsively. Lower blind looking more and more like a slum. Second BEAVER just appeared and I think I heard the kerplunk of a third off in the distance. Someone cut the woodpecker stub and the outhouses are gone, a few rolls of toilet paper left behind. DUCKWEED green.