Can hear a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW singing from my front door. FROG’S BELLY is edible. I’m hearing a new bird song: 3 to 5 clear notes followed by lower jumbly notes. Saw a CHICKADEE with nesting material in its beak. Saw a HUGE ANT MOUND (active) at Debbie and Ed’s. Have seen other ants around for about a week or more. Think I saw a FIREFLY hanging onto the house last night. Finally found some TROUT LILIES in bloom in the woods near my house, but they’re on my absentee neighbor McCauley’s (or MacAuley’s?) (sp) property. They’re on the bank above the brook along the boundary. FALSE HELLEBORE growing by the brook near my stepping stones. I finally spotted a few TROUT LILIES in bloom on MY property by the brook.