Noticed lots of COLTSFOOT along the road at the bottom of the hill yesterday. Bob’s been seeing SPRING BEAUTY and HEPATICA up on Lucius Saxton’s hillside on this side of the road. Bob and Mickey picked WILD LEEKS from Henry Moultroup’s side of the ridge on Monday.

At the Nature Center the TRILLIUMS behind the upper blind are in bud. Haven’t noticed any trout lilies yet. I’ll bet bloodroot is blooming down by the river, but I haven’t walked down to see it yet. Saw a side yard full of DANDELIONS in South Burlington yesterday afternoon. Have noticed one set of leaves at my house. Saw BLUETS!! en route to Essex Junction. In bloom at Debbie and Ed’s in Charlotte: SPRING BEAUTY, HEPATICA (several colors), BLOODROOT, TROUT LILY, DUTCHMAN’S BREECHES.

More and more EARTHWORM CASTINGS showing up near my front path. Have also noticed FALSE HELLEBORE coming up here and there.