Beautiful spring day. Spotted a POLISTES WASP outside Bob’s shop. Watched her until she flew into an opening in one of the cinderblock steps. She has a sizable nest going in there. Last Wednesday (4/18) I saw an orangish butterfly, raggedy edged wings with eyespots. Today I think I saw a dark butterfly. Bob spotted a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW feeding in the front yard with a few JUNCOS this afternoon. I got a good look at it: black and white stripes on top of the head, yellow dots between the eyes and beak, white throat, unstreaked breast. Kicked backward with both feet — like the fox sparrow. Later in the afternoon I saw two WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS on the front lawn.

At the Nature Center, MARSH MARIGOLDS are IN BUD by the walkway across the beaver ponds. KINGFISHER at the beaver pond. 4:30 or 5:00 p.m.: a new FROG has joined the chorus–breeeep, breeeep. Heard a PHOEBE. Over in the Hemlock Swamp I heard another amphibian–a flute-like trill. It may be a variation of the breeeep I heard over at the beaver pond. Saw a POLISTES NEST in the upper blind. As far as I can tell she’s building right next to a large nest from last year — or maybe she was just crawling around the top of last year’s nest. I don’t seee any larvae. Saw ONE BIG BEAVER from the blind. Found some more wildflowers almost in bloom: narrow, pointed, opposite leaves; 5 or 6 pinkish flowers in bud hanging from the stem like bells. Also YELLOW VIOLETS in bloom.