Heard a WOODPECKER DRUMMING yesterday afternoon. Beautiful sunny weather after the snow that fell April 8/9. WOOD FROGS “quacking” behind Burma’s house. TRAILING ARBUTUS just about to bloom — at least the one I’ve been watching up the hill from the big log. It has 4 white buds at the tip of the stem, leaves half eaten, about the size of a quarter only oval. There are several other arbutus plants in the vicinity but none have buds. They’re growing in open woods (beech, oak, aspen, hemlock, and birch) amidst moss and rotting wood from an old stump.

At the Nature Center, WOOD FROGS were quacking in the lowest beaver pond. I flushed 3 ducks (dark colored) when I came out of the woods at the end of the Brook Trail. I can hear more WOOD FROGS and PEEPERS calling from the back orchard. CATKINS are now falling off the ASPENS. Three fell at my feet as I was walking back up Sherman Hollow Road. They were dry, fragile, light.