Got a close look at a SONG SPARROW and a TREE SPARROW. Song sparrow is darker appearing, has a streaked breast, and “wattles” coming down from the sides of its beak. Tree sparrow is rustier brown and has an unstreaked breast with a dark dot in the middle of it. A JUNCO was hanging around too. All three were in the front yard during breakfast this morning.

Saw an EARTHWORM CASTING next to the front path when I went out this morning and remembered that I had noticed a ‘NIGHTCRAWLERS” sign on my way home last night.

Henry Moultroup’s big tractor has gouged out a road in the back orchard. Flushed two ducks out of the lower beaver pond — MALLARDS or BLACKS because they quacked. Lower blind is still a mess — broken glass still there, tape from the tape recorder gone. Tree down in the Hemlock Swamp.