PUSSY WILLOWS look like sparkling dew drops — or tear drops. They’ve been out a week or ten days. Bob and I went canoeing at Dead Creek today. We saw a FLOCK OF GEESE flying overhead, plus two ducks. Bob says he saw some ducks in a cornfield puddle yesterday. I think I heard PEEPERS. Saw another flock of geese off in the distance. This one landed rather than flying overhead. Saw a pair of BUFFLEHEADS. Just as we were finishing canoeing several flocks of geese, several hundred probably, arrived honking, wave after wave flying in and landing in a field across the water. It was like seeing dots swimming in front of our eyes. There were RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS chattering too. Lots of life here today. When we were almost home, we heard a loud chorus of PEEPERS calling from the pond and wet meadow at the foot of the hill.