It’s a beautiful crystalline day. Heavy frost all over everything. Brilliant clear sunshine. Bob reported 2 degrees F when he got up at 6:00 a.m. Put on my long underwear for the first time this year. A RED SQUIRREL has discovered the milk jug feeder. It climbed up a nearby shrub and is  now sitting inside the jug eating seeds as fast as it can. CHICKADEES are flying around, but they can’t manage to chase it out. Red squirrel has a white eye ring, large dark eyes, catlike whiskers, round face, short round ears, white underside, tan sides blending into reddish on the back. Tail is smaller and thinner than the gray squirrel’s. While it was sitting in the feeder, it picked up sunflower seeds in its front paws and fed itself as if it were eating with its hands.