I decided to watch a BLUE JAY at the feeder today. CHICKADEES are in and out one at a time and take one seed at a time. One BLUE JAY took 14 seeds, another took 15 seeds, another took 3, another took 13, another took 15, and another took 15. BLUE JAYS seem to pick seeds over and select the ones they want. Seem to approach cautiously, look around a lot before they start collecting. Gray chest, whitish down toward belly; underside of tail white; black ring around neck, up behind “ears” and around in back of crest; black bill, black line in front of each eye and over top of bill; black ring around neck doesn’t quite meet black marks going up around ears. Black at the base of the underside of the tail. Body blue with black and white wings. Blue and black tail feathers with white at tips. Black legs. A BLUE JAY drove off an EVENING GROSBEAK. Black line pulling back from eye. Only one EVENING GROSBEAK making visits to the feeder right now.