Today Bob and I went over to the La Platte River where it flows into Shelburne Bay. We canoed upriver from the boat access. Saw a GREATER YELLOWLEGS. Bob said it was late for yellowlegs. Heard loud CRICKETS singing from the trees. Heard a PILEATED WOODPECKER near some huge white pines along the bank. Saw a TREE SPARROW. At first Bob thought it was a VESPER SPARROW, but he didn’t see white tail feathers. Saw three ducks in the distance. Saw a GREAT HORNED OWL. We went ashore and walked along the bank for a while. We saw an old beaver lodge built right into the bank. There were big enough holes in it that if we had been feeling more adventurous we could have crawled up into it. Saw a second bank lodge on our way back, not far from the mouth of the river. Saw a MUSKRAT LODGE out in Shelburne Bay not far from where the La Platte River enters the Bay. It got really cold after the sun went down.