THIS IS THE DAY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT VISITED US IN OUR HOME. An agent from the Fish and Wildlife Service knocked on the front door, read us our Miranda Rights, and proceeded to try to intimidate the hell out of us. I finally reached the end of my tether and asked him what exactly Bob was accused of doing, and he didn’t really have an answer. The Eastmans had gotten him all worked up by telling him that Bob had stolen his bird skins from Audubon and was hiding them in his own home. The truth of the matter was that Bob had arranged to transfer them to the state, and he and Charles Johnson were in the process of doing what needed to be done. Charles actually had them. So the worst Bob could be accused of is not having filed his paperwork. It was an uncomfortable experience and not anything I want to go through again. How do I get myself into these things? Later I took a walk and saw lots of CHIPMUNKS running across the road.