Singing insects are still singing. The CLUSTER FLIES in my study are driving me crazy. I saw a mixed flock of CHICKADEES, WARBLERS, AND VIREOS working through the trees where Bob is clearing the old logging road. For warblers, I saw a BLACK-AND-WHITE, NASHVILLE, and COMMON YELLOWTHROAT. I also noticed several different MUSHROOMS AND FUNGI — the one that looks like a horse’s hoof growing on a gray birch; a small, dry, white shelf fungus growing in a crowded array; another small, tannish golden shelf fungus that was a little moister than the white one and might even be a fresher version of the same species; a flat white fungus growing out of the soil in groups like overlapping plates; little orange mushrooms growing out of a rotting log; a thick white shelf fungus that looks like a mushroom cap growing from a yellow birch tree. In the brushy, grassy area near where Bob is clearing, I saw a DESTROYING ANGEL and some AMANITA MUSCARIA.