Killed about 20 CLUSTER FLIES at the study window this morning. Heard a WOODPECKER DRUMMING outside the window. Some kind of WREN visited the shelf feeder at about noon. A patch of leaves on the MAPLE  outside my study window has already turned yellow-orange. I’ve been noticing colors here and there for the last two weeks or so. When I first woke up this morning I heard a zillion CHICKADEES (and maybe a few other species) chattering outside the bedroom window. Later today when I walked down to the Nature Center I saw some small birds fluttering in the trees near Blood’s and heard more birds (a group of them) moving in the underbrush along the woods side of the road. I also saw another group of birds flying from tree to tree at the Nature Center. While I was sitting on the barn step, a CHIPMUNK with its cheeks stuffed full almost ran across my foot.