It’s HOT! Today when I was walking along the same stretch of road I wandered with Arnold and Kathie yesterday, I noticed another cream-colored SPIDER–maybe even the same spider on the same QUEEN ANNE’S LACE. It has a fat abdomen with two rust-colored spots on its back. when I bent down to look at it more closely, it reared back with its front legs spread. Bob says it’s a CRAB SPIDER. LATER, AFTER A HARD RAIN: I took an evening walk from the house to the Upper Blind by way of the White Pine Trail, a distance of not quite half a mile as measured by my new pedometer. Just as I passed the Quiet Zone sign, I heard the sound of a tree coming down. When I got into the blind, I saw no sign of activity. From the house to the Lower Blind by way ot the Upper Blind and river is about a mile. The Nature Center’s CATTAILS are dark brown and look as if they have been that way for a while. There are a zillion RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS at the Big Pond. Also a flock of DUCKS that I didn’t even notice until I walked around in front of the blind to take a closer look at the REDWINGS. The DUCKS all took off at once across the surface of the water, but they didn’t fly very far. They scattered for the edges of the pond, one group to one side and another group to the other. One is back out on the water already and quacking. I think I counted 7 MALLARDS altogether. The big Pond seems full of life tonight. On my way back up to the Nature Center, I noticed small, skinny slugs on the trail. I guess they liked the rain. Saw a fat WOODCHUCK scampering across the Nature Center’s front lawn when I got to the top of the trail. Stopped by the barn to eat a few BLACK RASPBERRIES. When I got home, my whole walk measured about 1 and 3/4 miles by my pedometer.