MILKWEED FLOWERS are passing, and small PODS are beginning to appear. There are a zillion bees flying around in the meadow, and I saw lots of BUTTERFLIES this morning and midday. I just remembered: I saw I very small RED EFT in the woods a few days ago. This morning, walking with Arnold and Kathie, I saw a RUFFED GROUSE perched in a tree beside the road. It flew off and a few minutes later a smaller one flushed. We also noticed an immobile butterfly (an ADMIRAL, I think) on a QUEEN ANNE’S LACE. When we looked more closely, we saw that a cream-colored, perfectly camouflaged SPIDER was eating the butterfly’s body. Later I saw INDIAN PIPES in the woods. RED SQUIRRELS scolded me when I turned up the Den Trees Trail from the Hires Trail.