QUEEN ANNE’S LACE is in bloom even at my house now. It’s been in bloom in Burlington for about a week. Here’s the order of the field and roadside flowers as far as I can tell so far: DANDELIONS, BLUETS, RED CLOVER, HAWKWEED, DAISIES, BUTTERCUPS, BLACK-EYED SUSANS, MILKWEED, WHITE CLOVER, QUEEN ANNE’S LACE. Bird song has definitely quieted down. NOTE ON BOB: Bob is the only human being I know who can walk so quietly and unintentionally that the plants and animals don’t even know he’s there. I noticed a QUARTER MOON this evening, but despite my New Year’s resolution to pay closer attention to the moon, I don’t know whether it’s a first quarter or last quarter. Saw a few FIREFLIES hovering around the MILKWEED in the White Pine Trail meadow–not many.