I’m sitting in the Upper Blind watching the BEAVERS: I think BEAVERS must swim around in the evening the same way I take walks–just poking around to be outdoors before the sun goes down. When I first arrived, I saw one beaver swimming toward the lodge with grass in its mouth. I decided to hike around to the Lower Blind to get a closer view of the beavers’ activities. Just as I stepped into the Lower Blind a CHIPMUNK squeaked and scurried out. Next I heard a tap-tap-tapping in front of the blind. I looked out the viewing window and saw a beaver chewing on something. It seemed to be holding something small in its front “hands” and nibbling at it. I watched another beaver climb up the far bank a ways and eat some of the low-growing green vegetation. While I was looking at it through my binoculars I missed another beaver bringing a load of grass to the lodge. I caught a glimpse of it just before it dove to enter the lodge.

MORE POSSIBLE TITLES FOR MY BOOK: Take Another Look: An Introduction to the Familiar, Take a Closer Look: Discovering the Familiar, The Beginning Naturalist, A Kaleidoscope of Nature. Words that seem important to what I’m thinking about: Environment, Environmental, Conservation, Ecology, Outdoors, Nature. [NOTE TO MYSELF: I WONDER IF THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I CONSIDERED THE BEGINNING NATURALIST, WHICH IS THE TITLE I EVENTUALLY CHOSE FOR MY FIRST BOOK?]