Comparison/Contrast of a DAISY and a BLACK-EYED SUSAN: The daisy has 3-6 flower stalks (or stems?) growing out of one root, while the black-eyed Susan has 5. The daisy’s stems are smoother, smaller, more flexible than the black-eyed Susan’s, which are hairy, bigger, and more brittle. The daisy’s leaves are alternate, small, deeply lobed (lacy looking). The black-eyed Susan’s leaves are also alternate, but they’re long and slender, entire, fuzzy, with lengthwise veins. The daisy’s flowerhead is small with toothed white ray flowers and a flat yellow disk with a depression at the center. The black-eyed Susan’s flowerhead is bigger with longer yellow ray flowers that come to a point. The purple-brown disk is raised like a cone. The daisy’s bracts are small and tight while the black-eyed Susan’s are long, fuzzy, and loose. The daisy has more ray flowers (range of 21 to 32 among the seven I counted), and they seem closer together, kind of overlapping. The two black-eyed Susans I counted had only 14-16 ray flowers, and they were longer and looser. Finally, when I pulled out some ray flowers, the pistil (ovary) at the bottom of a daisy ray is quite evident, while the black-eyed Susan’s pistil is less evident.