Roadside flowers are coloring up. Right now the following are in bloom: BUTTERCUPS, RED CLOVER, PURPLE FLOWERING RASPBERRY, DAISIES, VETCH (BOTH PURPLE AND CROWN), CHICORY, and BIRDSFOOT TREFOIL. Bob told me that RED PINE is a native Vermont tree. Today Bob and I went canoeing at Sym’s Pond with Charles, Tom, and Ginny. Charles wanted to check the plants at Sym’s for bog plants. There were lots of them, including BOG LAUREL?, SHEEP LAUREL (probably), ROSE POGONIA (an orchid), SWEET GALE, CALAPOGON (GRASS PINK), SUNDEW, CRANBERRY, LEATHERLEAF, SWAMP ROSE, ROYAL FERN, SPATTERDOCK (you can pop its seeds like popcorn), ROBIN’S RAGWORT, MARSH CINQUEFOIL, and BLUE FLAG. We saw and heard an OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER, which sings “Hick, three beers.” We also saw a CLIFF SWALLOW.